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Discord has nearly 90 million users all over the world, so their market for voice chat is pretty huge. As the application is entirely free, it usually makes the users wonder – how do they earn? Are we secretly being charged? Is money being taken away from us without our knowledge? So, here we are to dispel all the conspiracy theories and tell you how Discord really makes money.


Yes, you guessed right that the application is free for its users so Discord does not have many options to earn. Everything is at one place but earning money to sustain in the market is another. You have to earn to sustain.

Discord follows no advertisement policy, just like WhatsApp as they believe them to be disturbing which is another example of how they do not earn money. The company also does not sell user data as they believe it to be a breach of privacy.

They would usually fund the money. Now the company is turning to a business model where it provides some specific and better features if you pay them. The point is, they make money by selling their products and features. Nothing surprising, right?

For this purpose discord has created DISCORD nitro. This is a different and an advanced version of this application. Discord nitro has two available options for monthly plans of $9.99 and $4.99. The $9.99 plan allows users to play all the games available on store without paying further.

The $4.99 plan provides access to boosted upload speed, stickers, animations etc. Basically this one provides some benefits. They also sell their merchandise like t-shirts, hats, hoodies and stuffs. They also sell some items like sticker packs etc.

As are the rumours, Discord has no future plans to make its app chargeable. It has good venture capitalists to fund it as well and Discord nitro has a long way to go considering the features it provides might attract users to pay for monthly subscriptions.

There are many applications in the market today that are finding alternative ways to earn as the conventional ways are turning into a nuisance for their customers. Some apps are using advertisements and for all who are aware, it is a big headache to deal with them. Apps like Discord are finding new ways that are profitable to them and less stressful for the users so to say it like that, it is a win-win for all.

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