How does Spotify work

How does Spotify work

Spotify is a very popular music streaming app launched in Europe in 2008 and gained popularity in a very short time. It works in more than 60 countries with millions of paid and free users.

How does Spotify work
How does spotify work

Apps like these have replaced your Vinyl records and cassette players and besides a little nostalgic emotion, left no discomfort behind. The countless amount of audio in these technology sized devices not occupying anything except for a significant part of your mind and heart space has really made life very easy.

Then came Spotify, personification of what is being talked about. It is free, fun and easy to use. Though easy, the question arises, how does it work? Spotify streams latest music in a legal way with payment to right holders.

You can listen to entire playlists, artists and even podcast. The music is completely free, though you would see ads. You can pay for premium if you don’t want that.

The way Spotify works is with a focus on reducing the time in between your click on your preferred song and the song actually playing. It works in a smooth way to deliver music to you in the fastest manner. Spotify stores all of it’s music on servers. When you click on a song, spotify chooses out of three things for what it should do –

• Check if the song is in your cache – Spotify stores some of the already played tracks in your cache to avoid re-downloading it. If it is found, it plays it from there. If not, the next alternative.

• Retrieve track from its servers.

• Searches into nearby devices using spotify so that it can get the track from their local versions – This way, your computer acts as an equal player in this big network of Spotify running computers, uploading and downloading songs.

Spotify also acts smartly enough to predict and procure the next song, according to the genre of the songs you’ve been playing, before you are finished with one song so that there is no lag between the two. In case you want to play a different song, no problem, Spotify responds as quickly.

Now, when you hear that the songs are stored in your cache, no need to get scared with the amount of space they are occupying. Spotify compresses tracks in an efficient manner and they do not take significant room. This way, your data usage will be very small if you play the same song regularly.

Though, spotify uses your cache to upload the songs on the Spotify network, that uses up some of your data, practically insignificant amount of data as the upload speed is far lesser than the download speed.

You can start on Spotify with the creation of an account. You can either create an independent account or you can connect your account with Facebook. As soon as you login, Spotify will assimilate the tracks already in your device or if some are left, you can do it yourself. Spotify provides a legal way of playing music.

You can create playlists, collaborate with your friends and even upload your own music on Spotify. Spotify works as a music streaming app with a focus on ease and availability. Spotify is easy to use and to know exactly how it works, you have to dive in and get the experience by yourself. Spotify is known for addiction. Browse it and know if it really is the truth.

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