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Discord provides a number of things you can interest yourself with: Bot being one of those things. Discord is popular because of its interesting and useful bots too. It allows you to make your own bots, not only one but many. If you have made one bot for your discord server, you can add more and make them perform different functions.


Adding a bot to the server is not so difficult a process. We will explain to you the procedure in a few quick steps and you can do the job by yourself.

  1. Check if you have the permission

First of all, you need to have a Discord server before starting to add bots. You may have your own server or you may get administrative permission for another server. Without this, you won’t be able to add the bot.

  1. Adding the bot

Now, before we move on, we have to make sure we have the bot we want to add. Find a bot according to your requirements. You can find the relevant bots on DiscordBots site or you can make your own bot. Check out ‘How to make a discord bot’ to make your own bot. We over here will tell you how to add this very popular discord bot ‘Dyno’ to your server. You can find it from Carbonitex website.

Select Dyno and click ‘Add Bot to server’. Now it will pop a confirmation up to ask which server is Dyno to be added to. You have to stay logged in to your Discord server so that Discord knows it’s you adding the bot to it. Click ‘authorize’ after selecting your server.

Your bot had been successfully added.

  1. Popular bots

Discord bots can be very useful for the user and can make the server more interesting. What makes things even more interesting is if you find the relevant bots. So we will suggest you some sites and some very popular bots that would make the task easier for you.

Firstly we will tell you about some popular bots and then some sites where they could be found.

Pok├ęcord – If you’re a Pokemon fan. It will let you catch, battle and train the Pokemon while you’re on the server.

Rhythm – Music bot, for the music lovers.

Translator – A very useful bot, can translate more than 100 languages.

Dank Memer – Our assumption is that you are a meme lover. Most people are. If you are one, this bot would display memes for you.

Montaro – A fun bot.

Now let’s get to where to find these and other interesting bots. is a large community that has 33 categories of server. You can find most of the things you are interested in. Security is satisfying. is where you will find all the varieties of bots. For bot users, it is like a pond full of gold bots. Ignore the simile.

Carbonitex of course is a site dedicated to discord servers. It is bot users’ own party place.

There are many sites and many bots to be found on them. All you have to do is dig a little deeper. Go on, add bots!

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