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How to add local files to Spotify

How to add local files to Spotify

Spotify is a unique blend of genres of music on its platform. No surprise if it has over 240 million users as it allows the streaming of more than 30 million tracks. That covers a vast amount of music and leaves rarity but still, if you get something against the probability and are unable to find a song you like on Spotify, it also humbles itself and allows you the addition of your music on it. Fun right? 

How to add local files to Spotify

Though Spotify automatically access’ your songs on your device and adds them on its platform but still if some are left and you want them on it, we will guide you through the process. Process is rather simple but does a relieving job. Thank us later. 

Enjoying local music on Spotify

How to add local files to Spotify
Local music on spotify

Step 1 – Download Spotify and log into it. You must’ve figured it though. 
Step 2 – Click Preferences. You would find it under either the Edit option or the Spotify option depending on if you’re a windows or a mac user. 
Step 3 – Scrolling down to Local Files, you would find an option of Add A Source. Click on it. 
Step 4 – Select the folder you’ve stored your music to be uploaded in. Now, all the music in that folder will be added to Spotify. 
Step 5 – Now all the added music would have to be stored in a playlist. To create a playlist, click New Playlist on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 
Step 6 – Go back to the Local Files tab and add the desired song to your newly created playlist. 

This is done. You would now have all of your local songs in a playlist on Spotify. Spotify also runs your local songs now. Party! 

Local Files in Mobile App 

To import Local files in your mobile app, you first have to import them in your PC and then follow the two step process – 

Step 1 – Using the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, log into Spotify in your mobile. 
Step 2 – Now, select the playlist you imported your files in and click download. 

So, not only your PC, your mobile app would also play your Local tracks on Spotify. For those who are not audiophiles, it would be difficult to comprehend how important listening to the right song at the right time is. It would be made possible with the help of this process. If it’s Spotify, it’s possible. 

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