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Discord is a platform providing text, voice and video chat to gamers. It is very popular for being free, easy to use and working both on the phone and desktop.

It is known that discord allows text chat but can you make it more interesting by designing your texts in different ways? It gets interesting and impressive when you are texting using different features and putting efforts to design your text in different ways.

Other social platforms provides text featuring but does discord? With all the benefits and uses there are of discord, you can design your text in your discord chat too. Yes you read correctly!

Discord uses markdown, a simple text formatting system that allows you to use all sorts of bolds, italics and different stuffs for your text. As much as it is a doubt if Discord really does italicize, it is rather a very simple process.
Here we will tell you how to italicize your text in Discord in a very easy way.

To italicize the text, you have to put an asterisk (*) at the start and at the end of your text. Like this –


One more way, if you are not that fond of asterisks, is to put your text between the underscores (_) –


What was it? A one step process. Design your text in different ways. Learn designing text in discord and spice up the boring regular conversation.

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