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Though Discord provides communication connectivity while playing games, sometimes you prefer voices that are better than those of the friends you are playing with. Jokes apart, music are the centre of discussion over here.

Music is a necessity in today’s hocus-pocus of a world. Comfort that one gets after listening to music is soothing. Some people get relaxed after playing games too but imagine how heaven would descend on earth if both could be combined. No no, we are not talking about turning your music on before starting the game; we are talking about music playing ability of Discord.

Discord allows you to play music while gaming and this is one of the most appreciated features of Discord. We will explain to you how to play music in Discord using a bot. The most famous bot for music in Discord is RYTHM. We over here will tell you how to play music on Discord using RYTHM the bot.

Step 1 – On your preferred web browser, go to the site

Step 2 – At the page that opens up, you would see at the top right corner a tab of Invite Rythm. Select it.

Step 3 – Now you’ve been brought to the Discord login screen. Enter your Discord account details and log in.

Step 4 – Select the server on your discord account in which you want to play the music.

Step 5 – Now authorize and perform all the necessary procedures including confirming you’re not a robot (if you’re not).

Step 6 – Bot has been introduced in your Discord account. Now, open your Discord account normally like you always do on your computer.

Step 7 – Open the server you installed Rythm in. You would see a list of channels on the server.

Step 8 – Now you would need a voice channel if you want to run a music bot. Voice channels are at the bottom of the channels list. Open General voice channel.

Step 9 – Now type !play and press enter. Now Rythm would search for your requested song and play it for you. Isn’t that simple?

It might sound very easy to play music on Discord, maybe not that easy but still, it is a simple process. Whenever you feel like it, play music while gaming and share your experience with your friends. Hopefully it would be a positive experience.

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