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Even though Discord is really helpful, interesting and contrary to its name, a platform for positive social interactions for gamers, some people just never change, whatever the platform. This one is for the victims of those that are trying to make the platform a not so better place to be at.

You must have encountered on some social media platforms some people you think deserves to be reported. Almost every social media platform provides means to report some misbehaviour or overstepping. How can Discord be left behind? Discord provides its users to report other users who are violating the guidelines of Discord.

Discord provides a set of guidelines that, when violated by a user, can lend them in serious mayhem and another user can take an action against them and report them. However, Discord doesn’t provide someone an arbitrary power of reporting.

A user can report another only when one or more of the guidelines are violated. So, before getting on to report someone, you first have to make sure the guidelines have really been violated. Here are the actions that if committed, one can be reported on Discord.

  • Harassing
  • Spam messaging
  • Violation of intellectual property rights
  • Sharing Child pornography
  • Suicide promotion
  • Virus distribution
  • Threatening others
  • Sharing images of cruelty related to animals or others

So, you can only report someone if they violate one or the other of these guidelines. You can’t report them only because you don’t like someone. Well in that case, you can just block them and be done with it.

Also, one very important thing that you have to take care of is to keep that message that you’re going to report. If that message is deleted, no action can be taken against the sender.

Now when we are sure of all the above stated things that a person has to be reported, we will start with the reporting process.

Turning the developer mode on

At the bottom left corner of the screen, beside your name, click the gear icon. Select ‘appearance’ from it. Now go to the developer mode option and turn it on.

Getting the ID codes

Go to the message box of the user in question and right click on their name. Click on ‘copy ID’ and paste it somewhere with the name of let’s say ‘userID’. Now, even if the user changes their username, the ID will remain the same.

Now, go to the message in question and right click on it. Select ‘copy ID’. Paste it somewhere too (msgID).

At last, go to the icon for the server. This will be on the left side of the screen. Again copy the ID and paste it (serverID).


Now, we are going to send a report to the Discord. Go to the ‘Trust and safety request centre’ of Discord. Enter your email ID and select the type of report from the drop down box that most closely matches your report. Now enter a subject and the three ID codes that we saved above. Click send. We’re done!

Discord takes care of its users and will almost always solve whatever problems you have. If you’re harassed and bugged by someone on its platform, don’t hesitate. Take all the necessary steps not only for yourself but to prevent such behaviour from that user and others like them for yourself and others too.

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