How to stop Spotify from opening on start-up

How to stop Spotify from opening on start-up

How to stop Spotify from opening on start-up

Spotify is a media service that is of Swedish origin. It was founded in 2006. Spotify basically provides a platform for audio streaming. Basic features available on Spotify are free but they charge you for some advanced features.

Many studies have proved that Music is something that helps in soothing our brains. Spotify has come up as a boon in the lives of music lovers in particular and everyone in general.

How to stop Spotify from opening on start-up
How to stop Spotify from opening on start-up

It provides you with millions of songs that are just a click away, no need to surf all over the Internet to find that one favourite song of yours. Gone are the days of downloading and running out of space on the mobile/PC.

Spotify consists of songs from all genres so no point of worrying which age group and which interest line you belong to, you will find whatever you like. It gives its users access to millions of songs from worldwide. It can be used on both mobile and PC.

Many users have been complaining of Spotify opening on Start-up. It turns out to be really irritating whenever you open up your system (PC) and Spotify automatically opens up. It is not every time that you want to listen to music. I mean that is okay sometimes but not every time.

This is by default saved in the Spotify app. It takes time to close Spotify and do other things. To have the option of opening Spotify only according to your whims and fancies, you have come to the right place.

Here we are going to explain to you how you could disable Spotify’s automatic start-up feature.

How to stop Spotify from opening on start-up
Stop Spotify from opening on start-up

For Mac and Windows PC

Step 1 – Open the Spotify application.
Step 2 – Click on menu.
Step 3 – Select settings.
Step 4 – Scroll down to select ‘Show Advanced settings ‘.
Step 5 – Scroll down to find ‘Startup and windows behaviour ‘.There is an option of ‘Open Spotify automatically after you login to computer ‘. In front of that, click on the drop down icon and select ‘No’.

For windows 7

Step 1 – Click on the ‘start’ option and find the search bar.
Step 2 – Type ‘msconfig’ and search it and select it.
Step 3 – Select the ‘Startup’ Option.
Step 4 – Now amongst all the applications that have appeared, select the Spotify, uncheck it and select okay.
Step 5 – Restart your system to implement the changes.

For windows 8 and 10

Step 1 – Press alt +ctrl+del and select ‘Task manager’
Step 2 – Select ‘start-up’ option.
Step 3 – Select ‘Spotify’. Choose ‘disable’ at bottom right.

The task is done, you can change it to yes whenever you feel like it. I hope it will help you in disabling this by default feature of Spotify.

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