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Discord, a pretty famous communication application for the game lovers makes life very easy for them. It lets them chat, voice and video call all at a single platform. Most of the people prefer to chat, reason being it is more comfortable and enables multitasking.

But it can be boring sometimes to write the same kind of text format over and over again. But if you use a different kind of font, it makes the conversation interesting and at the same time makes you different. It gives a feeling of someone who is an expert at using discord.

If you want to standout in this crowded chat place and you do not know how, you have come to the right place. Let us learn the strikethrough feature in the simplest possible way –

The meaning of strikethrough text is that a straight line will be running over the text you want to strikethrough, similar to the way you cut the errors in your notebook. It simply represents as if you have cut down the word or line you just wrote.

To strikethrough text, go through the following steps

Step 1 – Open the discord application on your mobile phone or desktop.
Step 2 – Open any chat you want to send the stroke out text to.
Step 3 – Now in the typing message box, start typing your text and add two tildes ‘~’ symbol before and two after the particular text.

Eg- Hey ~~Enjoy~~

step 4 – Send the message and it will appear in the strikethrough format on your chat screen. It will strikethrough the text only which has tildes symbols before and after it.

Now you know how to do the thing, Act like a pro and standout. All the best.

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