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Sometimes you just can’t take things anymore and ban somebody out of emotional outburst or maybe reasonably. Sometimes you do not think much before taking the decision and regret it later. May be when you sit back and relax and realise what you have just done, you might be like – how can I undo the damage. Sometimes you ban someone because they are a nuisance but they apologize later and the offence wasn’t even that big, you may want to urban them then.

Had the banning thing been permanent, it would have made things worse. You never know what you might feel the next minute itself or maybe months or years later. Maybe you feel your decision to be hasty and immature. Well, no need to regret much, you can always go back and unban anybody you have banned.

So you can get step by step guide here to help you in unbanning someone from discord –

To unban someone you need to either have ‘ban members’ permission or be a ‘server administrator’.

Step 1 – Open your ‘server settings’.

Step 2 – Click ‘bans’

Step 3 – Choose the person you wish to unban and select the option of ‘revoke ban’ of that particular person.

Now you are done, the person is unbanned. But unbanning them would not automatically put them in the server. They would need to join the server back. You did your thing, let them do theirs.

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