How to upload music on Spotify

How to upload music on Spotify

How to upload music on Spotify

Spotify is the popular music streaming service with millions of users, paid and free. People keep it as one of the essentials in their mobile phones or laptops.

Be it a party, a gathering or a romantic date, Spotify comes in handy and always helps. It allows the creation of a playlist so that you can play the same songs every time.

How to upload music on Spotify
How to upload music on Spotify

No matter if there are millions of songs on your Spotify playlist, you want to hear what you want to hear. Sometimes a single song can make you crave like nothing. You are just in the mood to listen to a particular song that might be too close to your heart and might want to listen to it on loop.

God forbid, if that song is not on Spotify, you feel – What to do with the application altogether? You feel it as useless.

Music can do wonders which nothing can. It can heal the soul, the mind and what not. Why to deprive yourself from the music that you want to hear just because it is not on Spotify. Worry not. Spotify allows you to upload that particular song on it. Spotify maintains its usefulness with its flexibility.

Here this particular article can help in those helpless situations.This is the simplest possible way to upload music on Spotify. Thank us later.

How to upload music on Spotify?

Step 1 – Open Spotify. Green circle, three black waves.
Step 2 – Go to the ‘Edit’ (in case of mac, first click on Spotify and then select preferences).
Step 3 – Click on ‘Preferences’.
Step 4 – Scroll down to find ‘Local files’.
Step 5 – At the end of it, click on ‘Add a source’.
Step 6 – Search for the folder in your system which contains the song you want to upload, choose the song and click ‘Ok’.
Step 7 – On the left side of Spotify, click on ‘Local files’, it will show the music you just uploaded.
Have in mind that this requires the premium subscription of Spotify. Free users get the free ride but don’t get to change the colors of the wagon.

Pheww. Your song has been uploaded. No need to get annoyed with Spotify. It will play your preferred music on the loop too the next time you play music on it.

Spotify cares for you and your preferences and you can get almost everything that you expect to get on a music app on Spotify. Spotify is not popular for no reason. Now enjoy all of the songs that you wanted to listen on loop.

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